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Puppy Training Classes

To build anything you need a solid foundation and a plan. Right from the moment it is decided that a new puppy will be brought into your life and home a plan needs to be formulated. For most folks the addition of a new dog means an expanded part of the family that is meant to bring comfort, enjoyment and make you and the family feel all “warm and fuzzy”. Without a plan things can go awry very quickly, often resulting in a misbehaving pup that creates anything but fun and comfort. We have all known folks that get a puppy then abandon it in a short period of time and will tell you their “horror story”. We have all heard about furniture, baseboards, clothing, etc. that have been destroyed by their latest family addition. There are many “stories” about supposedly “bad or troubled puppies”. Hogwash…….

Every new puppy parent and family is taken in by the cute antics and affection from the new, cuddly family addition. What they do not anticipate is the inevitable growth and character changes that are certain to evolve. In no time the “cute” antics become destructive and not so alluring. The little “messes” get bigger, the little squirts get to be small puddles, jumping, nipping, barking, chewing and the hundred other things are not so cute anymore.

All the above is going to happen. What you do about it determines the outcome of your puppy experience.

With “Puppy Orientation” we come into your home and sit down with all members of your family, friends, neighbors or anyone else that will be “directly” involved with the raising of your puppy. From the beginning the puppy must know what the guidelines are, what is expected and have consistency from everyone that is involved. We will lead you through all aspects of what is needed and without a doubt will introduce specifics that you had not thought about or were unaware of. Everything from potty training, diet, sleeping arrangements, behaviors, the correct words to use and many more facets of building the kind of dog you want in your life.

What do you expect from this puppy?

dog obedience school for toilet training puppies

Could it be that at some time this dog could be your or another family members service dog? We have seen this happen more than once. Might be that your new dog may become a therapy dog, going into hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc. and providing comfort and giving a calmness that only a dog can give to someone that needs it. Who knows where your pup could fit into any of this.

The main point is this…..It all comes down to basics and common sense. It does not matter what direction you go with your dog. At about eight weeks old training begins, it does not matter if your dog is going to be a family pet or a canine superstar. You will read and be told by breeders, self-proclaimed experts and other so called authorities that there is a new or special way to achieve the final outcome. Not so at this age. Communication, consistency, repetition and the basics create the platform needed. With these values you can take your dog anywhere you want.

We are here to create a wonderful experience. We strive to explain and prepare you for what will happen as your pup grows. As your pup grows you and he will be fully prepared and excel in basic training. This is the beginning of a new adventure, we can help make it a good one

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