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Suncoast Dog Training provides private lessons for people that are unable to attend group dog training classes. Private lessons from a certified private dog trainer can be done in the comfort of your home or at our obedience training facility at your convenience. While private lessons may be convenient to many and is sometimes not the best or most effective way to train your dog, we have successfully trained hundreds of dogs at their home and the results have always been positive.

We also offer private lessons at our training facility and try to reasonably accommodate your schedule.

However, usually there is more to be gained by enrolling your dog in a group environment then at home, some benefits of group training are not available at home. A couple of examples would be that at home you are not the total focus of your pet. He/she realize that in a period of time you are going to terminate your session and he/she will return to everyday life. In the home environment your dog does not get exposure to other people, animals and distractions in general. Home lacks the social exposure that groups provide, even the ride to and from training is part of the lesson and enhances your dog’s social behaviors. When you take your canine away from the house the only thing familiar thing to your dog is you. He/she will gravitate to you and his/her total attention is focused on you. Another advantage to groups is peer observations, you and your dog will learn from others mistakes and adjust accordingly.

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It appears that we discourage private training. While it is generally not the best route of canine training it is an effective method. We realize not everyone is able to or wants to attend structured classes and we want to help every dog owner we can. As pointed out, there are some disadvantages to private training but don’t let that deter you from getting training. We are still going to ultimately get the same positive results.

Contact us or call Suncoast Dog Training today at (727) 847-8840 for more information on the best at home dog training program for you and your pet.

Page Summary: Suncoast Dog Training provides a private dog trainer for at home canine training in the Tampa, FL area for people that are unable to attend group dog training classes.

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