Suncoast Dog Training

Intermediate Dog Training (Six week program: $150.00)

how to train a dog to come on command

For the canine owner that is “getting it” and wants a little bit more. This class is intended to enhance the knowledge and skills for the canine and owner that wants to take basic training to the next level. At this point the canine and owners are "getting it" and have a strong desire to learn more than basic training offers. Building confidence and trust in all situations and developing a bond between dog and owner really takes shape.

You will learn to control your dog via hand signals and body language, how to communicate without vocally speaking and more by using physical movements that express your desires and intent on what you want your canine to do. You will utilize areas of the "confidence course" and develop the skills needed to place your dog in various challenging environments.

The expected goal upon completion of this class is to have your canine working off-leash in a controlled environment. Developed to be lots of fun for dog and owner, we take it seriously but keep everything on a "high, happy"...train so that your dog recognizes physical commands from you and reacts correctly.

Intermediate Dog training commands for dogs

This class is a pre-requisite for our advanced class...the ultimate training in dog / owner relationship. Open only to those that have completed basic training with us or another approved canine training facility.

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