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Basic Canine Obedience Training (Six week program: $150.00)

Dog Behavior Training School

Most dog owners are looking for good manners from their canine family member and for them to become an integral, welcome addition to the family. No one wants or appreciates an ill mannered dog as part of their everyday life. The canine family member should be held to the same high standard of acceptable behavior as everyone else that comes in and out of the household.

Our basic program does just that….For six weeks you and your dog will learn what it takes to enhance social skills that are acceptable in most environments.

Each session we have a “gather round” where we discuss and resolve any behavioral problems that may be going outside the parameters of the class curriculum. Throughout the six weeks you be given a vast ¬influx of behavioral tidbits that will enhance your dog’s progress. If we don’t have the answer to a question we will get it from some of the best trainers/behaviorist in the country.

Week One:

Basic Orientation, you do not bring your dog. We do encourage you to bring anyone that will be directly influential in your dogs training and everyday life. It is not necessary for those other folks to attend the next five classes (they are welcome all the time). The reasoning behind the other folks being at orientation is that they have a full understanding of the goals you and your dog are achieving. It makes you and your dog’s training a lot more beneficial if all involved are in sync and headed to the same common goal. Week one you will also learn basic canine psychology and have an understanding of why we use the methods we do. You will understand what motivates your dog (not food) and makes him tick. Also covered in week one is the different types of equipment and collars and what works best and why. Enrollment forms and minimal paperwork will be completed at this time.

After Class Nap

Week Two:

Heeling and Sit - Learn the correct way to heel (walk) your dog and each time you stop moving your feet your dogs sits down properly (important) by your side. When you start forward movement the dog automatically walks with you.

Week Three:

Sit and Stay - Your dog learns how to sit and stay on command. He/she will stay in one spot while you move around while not break the sit until told to. The introduction of hand signals is brought into play at this time making it easier for your dog to understand what is expected.

Week Four:

Come Command - From a sit the dog will come to you upon command and sit directly in front of you. Each week is a complete review of the previous sessions.

Week Five:

Down Command - There is a right way and wrong way for everything, you will learn the right way to get your dog to lay down by voice command and also utilizing hand signals.

Week Six:

Graduation - After a review of all past sessions a final exam is administered to determine how well you and your dog progressed. If all exercises are completed to satisfaction you will receive a Graduation Certificate. If you didn’t do so well you will receive a certificate of completion. We strive for everyone to Graduate. No matter what, we will have fun and a good time.

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