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Advanced Dog Training (Six week program: $150.00)

Day at the mall

For those that want a whole lot more….The goal is to have complete control of your dog by using hand signals and establish off- leash control in any and all situations. The pleasurable experience of taking your dog to a restaurant or other public place is like no other! After completing you should be able to take your dog to the mall, theatre, shopping, gun range or any other place. We do several “field trips, usually to the mall, restaurant, bowling lanes and more. Mingle with the crowds while your dog stays by your side and acts the perfect gentleman or lady. Build a trust strong enough that you know intuitively how your dog will react in any scenario. Be proud of your canine companion.

Graduation Day

This program really develops trust and bond between canine and owner. Each week you will see the intuitive behavior that dogs are famous for expand before your eyes. We subject you and your canine to various situations you may encounter in everyday life. Noises, gunfire, sirens, doorbells, whistles and many other distracting sounds are introduced to give your dog a solid, secure stability in any situation. Bright lights, closed spaces, other animals, heights, tunnels are a few of the extremes introduced in advance training curriculum. To have a dog that you know will respond correctly in any situation, at any time is a good feeling. Your dog is capable of doing all this and more, do not under estimate your canines abilities. This program is set up for just that and more.

  • We utilize the same criteria for parts of “service dog training".
  • The standard of expectation is very high and the confidence you and your dog exhibit will bring you unsurpassed pride.
  • All participants in this class must be pre-approved and recommended before acceptance.
  • A great program with loads of fun for owners that want the most from their canines.

Contact us or call Suncoast Dog Training today at (727) 847-8840 for more information on the best training program for you and your pet.

Page Summary: The canine behavior courses at Suncoast Dog Training are lead by certified animal behaviorists experienced in service dog training and correcting dog behavior problems.

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