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Bruce Marshall
If you need someone to train your dog, you will not find anyone that is better qualified or who has the real life experience that you can trust.
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Anyone can attain a dog trainer “certification” via the internet or be self proclaimed because they have a “love for” and have been “working with dogs their whole life” These are very necessary components and are very nice but do they know what they are doing? … Probably not, and they could possibly cause more harm than good. Unfortunately there is no state licensing or certification in Florida for dog trainers which means there are people out there that will take your money and quite possibly create more problems than you and your dog started with.

Here is the real thing….Certified by the U.S. Border Patrol (U.S. Department of Justice) and by the State of Florida FDOT and has the track record to prove it. There are no self-proclaimed dog trainers here….Just the real deal!

The results of a career of dog training are working as you read this paragraph. There are dogs and handlers trained by Bruce Marshall that are protecting Florida’s highways and our US international borders at this very moment. Now that Bruce retired from a career of public service as a law enforcement canine instructor he is now available to properly train you and your canine family member.

Not only is Bruce Marshall trained and certified by the National Canine Facility of El Paso but he graduated as “Top Dog”, the leading canine instructor of the graduating class. Bruce has hundreds of hours of classroom and many years of field work on training, correcting and solving behavioral problems of working canines. Many of Bruce’s cases have been tried in federal and state courts where the defense has tried to discredit the canine’s training and because of superior training and experience his cases always prevailed.

Dog TrainingUpon graduation from NCF Bruce returned to Florida and was instrumental in establishing one of the largest and most successful canine law enforcement units in the state. After many years in an exciting career of canine training and behavior modification for law enforcement canines and handlers, Bruce retired and started training canines in the civilian world.

Years of actual hands on day to day experience with some of the most aggressive and intelligent canines in the world certainly has prepared Bruce to be able to train and solve any training or behavioral issues you may have with your dog. Do not be taken in by cute slogans and “trainers” who are self proclaimed or “certified” by these big box pet stores and internet sites…the price you pay will not only be spending too much money and getting little or no return but could possibly cause adverse problems for your dog.

You Won't Find a Better Qualified Dog Trainer!

I had the privilege of being Bruce's partner for six years before he retired from state law enforcement.  During that time, we worked on our agencies canine/contraband interdiction unit where Bruce was a lead canine instructor. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about training dogs from Bruce. Also, because of his efforts, our agency was the only law enforcement agency in Florida to hold a national certification from the US Department of Homeland Security. Bruce's hard work and leadership was instrumental in gaining recognition and a professional reputation by many state, federal and local law enforcement agencies, who regularly called upon us for assistance. The dogs he trained also received numerous awards at the national level for police canine competitions. If you need someone to train your dog, you will not find anyone that is better qualified or who has the real life experience that you can trust.

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Page Summary: Bruce Marshall is the most experienced certified dog trainer in the Tampa and Central Florida area. After a long and distinguished career setting up canine training schools and training german shepherds, his puppy and other dog training classes have benefitted pet owners from New Port Richey and Spring Hill to Palm Harbor and Clearwater, Florida.

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